Heh, did a NICE job if I do say so myself
Powerwash Simulator (Demo) – by FuturLabs

You step out onto the muddy pavement with your trusty weapon in hand, it’s time to liquidate your enemy and give them a piece of your mind. After selecting the right tool for the task, you take aim and pull the trigger:


Everything drips, the floor is slick with viscous fluid- there’s no traces left of your opponent, not even the slightest evidence of what stood before you. Caked on dirt and mildew are no match for your quick thinking skills and pressure washing prowess. Another 5 star rating, another payday.

From the proud tradition of mundane task games comes FuturLab’s Powerwash Simulator, an exploration of an invaluable but often overlooked cleaning profession. With three different wands, you set out to cleanse the verandas, windows, and front decks of every suburban household with satisfying, high tension, fast paced gameplay.

Yup, *sips* Powerwash Simulator is a good game.

My stern skepticism was melted away by the furious liquid wrath of my weapon as I soon found myself glued to the screen scrubbing every inch of the pavement and awnings with laser precision. Unlike ZAMBONI SIMULATOR 2019, Power Wash Simulator doesn’t come laden with any reflections on nihilism and despair, there’s only good clean fun to be had here with the occasional jumpscare of a job well done.

If there is a takeaway from the subtext here, it should be the fact that we’re so wasteful with our water resources. I mean, seriously, 165.76 Gallons?! Clearly I am merely an amateur, in awe of the ability of the true professionals to return structures to their original factory shine without draining an entire lake’s worth of water. What if there was a drought? You’d be up to your neck in excessive fines! The lone wandering Pressure Washer strolls the pavement, alone, a thankless hero that saves all of our vinyl siding and garage doors.

Here’s to you, future cleaning professional, may your aim stay true.

Emily Rose is an indie developer who writes for and resides in the pacific northwest. She’s often seen in the local VR arcade and developer community participating in pushing the medium’s horizons. You can find her on twitter @caravanmalice