Past the Douglas Firs and golden grass untouched for years is a place of peaceful meditation, a quiet space to lose one’s self amongst strange machinery that can change the weather with the flip of a switch. ROM by Bincurl Games is a delightful experiment in audio, visuals, and conceptualization of what makes an environment natural. Evocative of the sullen atmosphere found in the works of Simon Stålenhag, ROM finds itself squarely between the artificial and the natural, the material and the spiritual, expressed only through soft tones and the howling of the coastal wind.

As of late, the Berlin games scene, as well as scenes north of Central Europe, have come into their own as proper arthouse skunkworks, churning out delightful bite-sized portrayals of all from the mundane to the surreal. Festivals like AMAZE are grand showcases of vibrant vision in Europe and elsewhere, demonstrating the passion and capabilities of imaginative artists from across the globe.

ROM makes a delightful case for doing more with less, and achieving superb atmosphere using simple weather effects. Take a walk down the coast for yourself, and give it a go.

Emily Rose is an indie developer who writes for and resides in the pacific northwest. She’s often seen in the local VR arcade and developer community participating in pushing the medium’s horizons. You can find her on twitter @caravanmalice