Jacob Geller joins us to talk about the sustainability of AAA, Prestige Graphics, the indulgent nature of “apolitical” war games, The toxic effects of Youtube algorithms, and Cosmo D.

Show Notes:

Jacob Geller’s channel

Jacob Geller On Twitter

A List of Geller’s favorite essay videos

Documentary Series “The Mayfair Set” by Adam Curtis

Tv Show “Barry”

Call Of Duty + Vice Documentary about PMCs

Jacob Geller’s video essay “Does Call of Duty Believe in Anything?

Jacob Geller’s video essay “Control, Anatomy, and the Legacy of the Haunted House

Errant Signal’s video essay “Blips 5: Kings, Robocops, and Clay “Comedy” Games

Folding Ideas’ video essay “Annihilation and Decoding Metaphor

Jacob Geller’s videossay “An Uncanny Reality

Jonathan Cooper’s twitter thread about Naughty Dog work conditions

Crowbcat’s video essay “CSGO hysteria and forgotten TF2 design

Crowbcat’s video essay “ex-Bungie next to 343 Industries

Cosmo D’s games

Game “Leechbowl” from the Haunted Cities collection by Kitty Horrorshow

Noah Caldwell-Gervais channel

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