For a very special episode we’re joined by some of the narrative design team on Bloodlines II, Cara Ellison & Brian Mitsoda to talk about the game’s tabletop inspirations, how Ellison got involved, the art of narrative design, improving representation & diversity in narrative. We also discuss how the game’s humor has revamped, a look back at Troika’s legacy and what it was like to be inside the company, and Bloodlines lore.

Episode Notes

tabletop games inspirations

How Cara joined the project

Narrative design

Humour in the game, silly jokes, himbos

representation in bloodlines 2

Bloodlines 1 fan questions, deep lore

Troika’s development of Bloodlines I

Games Journalism


Cara Ellison’s personal website

Brian Mitsoda’s twitter

Dead State

Show notes:

Cara Ellison’s Embed with Games

Kiereon Gillen’s review of Bloodlines

Kieron Gillen’s piece about Heather

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Part 2 of Emily’s series about Bloodlines on RE:BIND

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