We’re not usually one to post much news on here but we couldn’t really hold back my excitement for another ACE Team announcement, this time bringing us threatening-alien-geometry simulation The Eternal Cylinder:

We are extremely proud to present one of our most ambitious projects ever: ‘The Eternal Cylinder’. A completely original take on the survival / adventure genre.

Sign up to be eligible for the upcoming closed Beta:— ACE Team (@theACETeam) August 15, 2019

Known for their signature surrealist style in a similar vein to comic artist Moebius or the visuals in David Lynch’s adaptation of DUNE, ACE has an extremely vivid imagination responsible for the most bizarre avante-garde games to grace a computer screen. Having originally started out as a personal project and proof of concept by one of ACE’s founders, Carlos Bordeu, it’s refreshing to see something once regarded as a tech demo actually come to fruition with the help of Good Shepherd Entertainment.

We’d like to congratulate ACE team for having the gusto and financial chops to make this project happen, most studios would shy away from such daring visuals after a while to reduce risk, but ACE shows no sign of stopping with the success of Rock Of Ages and Zeno Clash as franchises. Thanks in part to them, the Chilean indie scene is thriving with wonderful talent and many more original titles to come.

Besides, where else can you find a studio famous talking about “Ontological Singularities” ? Give a glance at the website, as they’re currently taking sign ups for beta testing.

Emily Rose is an indie developer who writes for and resides in the pacific northwest. She’s often seen in the local VR arcade and developer community participating in pushing the medium’s horizons. You can find her on twitter @caravanmalice