Oh dear, 1000 Followers on Twitter. It may not seem like a huge benchmark to many sites, but it is the main metric by which we have measured our work for the past year.

RE:BIND started as a gentle homage to Indie Critique greats of the past decade, and an experiment in alternative media. With the challenges facing indie coverage in today’s industry, we asked what would be the most effective means of adapting to the ever transforming and intimidating landscape:

Finally, we have our answer.

And that’s you. Seriously, we couldn’t have done any of it without the incredible and overwhelming support of our friends, allies, and loyal reader-base who has helped us to change expectations of contemporary micro-indie coverage. Consider this our early anniversary, and our love letter to every one of you that made this possible.

None of us expected to get this far, and we had no idea we would be this well received.

Here’s some of our highlights over the past year (taken from our Patreon)

Catherine Brinegar’s deep dive into forgotten AAA off-the-wall classic Messiah

Mx. Medea’s incredible love letter to Bennett Foddy’s Getting Over It

Yestin Harrison’s exploration of the long lost “Deadly Rooms Of Death”, an obscure puzzler franchise in the vein of Chip’s Challenge

Mx. Medea’s investigative work into the progress of the Meditations Art Project

Emily Rose’s look at the roots of online hostility and toxicity in competitive matchmaking

Mx. Medea’s thoughts on the application of performance arts in narrative games

Catherine Brinegar’s review of LUCAH: Born of a Dream

Yestin Harrison’s look at how the “Games As A Service” model hurts digital conservation efforts

Catherine Brinegar’s in-depth deconstruction of The Space Between

With that, Dear Readers, we owe you a heartfelt thank you: For being there, for spreading our work, for directly supporting us, for talking to us, for entertaining us, for your infinite patience when we have the occasional technical fault.

We will always and forever hold in our hearts the most gratitude for everything that we’ve received from the community. Here’s to many more great pieces, and so many more incredible wonderful indies from all walks of life that make the gaming world a fantastic place to enjoy.