As GDC comes to its close and everyone begins the long journey home, we hope that the last week has been a positive experience for you, whether at GDC or not.

In case you missed it, we’ve been busy this week. So, if you need something to read on the way home, or to just decompress with as you take in recent events, we’ve got you covered:

Establish your base camp and set yourself to climbing the lofty peaks of critical analysis alongside your guide, our very own editor-in-chief Mx. Medea in her deconstruction of Getting Over It With Bennet Foddy:

Volume I can be found Here
Volume II continues its ascent Here
And you can plant your flag at the peak of Volume III Here

If a descent into fits of laughter catches your fancy more than an ascent into frustration, then delve into the underground of Deadly Rooms Of Death with our compelling webmaster Yestin Harrison:

Part I can be found Here
And Part II is just a little bit lower down Here

We at Rebind hope that the coming weeks treat you as well as they’ll treat us. Make sure to check back tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion of Yestin Harrison’s spelunking in Part III of his deep dive into Deadly Rooms Of Death.

Mx. Medea is a writer, artist, and editor who spends most of their time drawing things with squares and buried under a small pile of endless paper copy. When not working they can be found playing everything from interesting indie fare to oldschool games. You can find them, their art, and their opinions @Mx_Medea on Twitter.