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Mooncharmer – Altalune

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Beneath the gaze of the luminescent orb, Moralia Mooncharmer fixated on its glow. Amongst the entities moving about this glade, sculptures grew massive underfoot. A dance played out here; one of celebration and sorrow, a mournful jubilee for the celestial sphere. Here, in this momentary sliver of life, a peace echos distant across the plains, a cry for Luna.

In their follow up to the exploratory visual companion to La Dispute’s Panorama, Pilgrimage, Joost Eggermont (@aJoostEggermont) collaborates with Michael Berto (@thesaveroom) to create Mooncharmer. Referred to as “a Vision” in its store page and considered “a poem” compared to the “novel” that is a video game, Moonchamer is a glance into a living painting. Its choreography played against song, the game becomes performance, one that the player is invited to briefly witness.

The inspiration drawn from Greek artist Yiannis Moralis shines through brilliantly: the hard, geometric edges playing against the organic flows of life represent his Cubist stylings impeccably well. Moralia herself looks quite appropriately as if she’s leapt out from Moralis’ “Girl untying her sandal”. As the performance progresses, other figures will apparate around you, similarly fashioned and equally abstract. Sculptures will emerge from the ground, an impromptu gallery forming in your orbit.

Girl untying her sandal, Yiannis Moralis (1973)

And, high above, the Moon dances across the sky, a pale heart beating to the pulse of life down here. The release of Mooncharmer commemorates the final full Moon of 2019 and of the decade. It is a love letter to the rock, and all the mysticism it holds within. Should you choose to purchase Mooncharmer, know that beyond the EP and the companion artbook included, each sale until the next full Moon will be used to help plant trees on our own troubled rock.

Mooncharmer is a beautiful creation, full of merit and nobility, a true piece of art. So, sing! Dance! Fall in love again and again with this beauty of life, with this pastiche of power. Journey, venture, wander; the horizon holds no bounds and this full bright will not hold long. Enjoy it while it lasts… Until it rises again.

Mooncharmer is currently available on itch.io, with its musical accompaniment available on Bandcamp.

Catherine Brinegar is a trans game developer and filmmaker who explores the surreal and abstract in her work. Beyond her creative endeavors she enjoys losing herself inside other worlds, interactive and not. Finding inspiration in everything, Catherine aims to see all the world has to offer, through the continual conversation of art. You can keep up with her on twitter @cathroon.