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Ever feel weighed down by your worries? Can’t get out of bed without falling out of it? Late to appointments? Can’t find anyone to talk to about it?

The answer is simple: Pretend you are a plane, and start throwing your troubles out the cargo bay door! It’s a classic technique. Kiss your stress BON VOYAGE!

Wait, who’s flying the plane? Are we insured? Hello? Can anyone hear this? Where are we?

Maybe your fridge is full of old leftovers, perhaps your room is too messy, have you ever thought about finding those potted plants a good home? Who really needs all those old console games? Honestly, this wardrobe could use an overhaul… OVERHAUL IT OUT THE BACK!

Farewell, Dear Cargo is a straightforward game about managing balance as the plane you find yourself on begins to lose altitude and grows weary under all the stress. You can’t really tell if it’s just having a bad day, maybe the last person to rent the plane didn’t fill the tank of gas up all the way, if the plane had enough vacation days it could get some R&R, did anyone check the maintenance log?? Ohhh, you can’t really handle fretting over the specifics, surely no one will miss these crates of chocolate frogs.

….. No, nevermind, those were real frogs. Do frogs have wings? They metamorphose like butterflies right? Ugh, whatever, I’ll just throw out the parachutes too, they’ll figure it out!

Knocking things over indiscriminately is my specialty! Employee of the month, here I come!

As you cast away more and more shipping containers of party favors, novelty soda cans, and emergency valentines day candy rations, you start to feel a little better! It seems the plane does too.. or at least, the klaxon has gone quiet for now.. that or it’s just broken. Oh well! Not my problem!

The good news is that you made it! Things are feeling as level as your head, and there’s still at least….. 40- no, 20% of the cargo remaining. It’s mostly just novelty foam fingers and auxiliary vegan creamer packets, but nobody will miss the uhh…. let’see the manifest here…

  • Sports Team Branded Sound Proofing
  • Ten Gallons Of Artificial Clam Milk
  • Discount Styrofoam Boulders
  • Free Trade Organic Pez Dispensers
  • Two Best Buds Quail Flavored Crisps (48 count)
  • Harold, from Accounting
  • Five Crates of Hand-crafted Single-Use Cookie Warmers
  • 284lb Waffles (For Cats!) *Absolutely do not give to dogs or infants
  • 2,400 Full Metal Jacket Tungsten Tipped Military Grade Noisemakers
  • Those weird baseball cards your ex left in the trunk of your car
  • FandomBox Feburary Fun Box Shipments containing Anime Figurines
  • Several cartons of Faux-Corgi Fur
  • Your fear of interpersonal intimacy
  • 20 Inflatable Gator Pool Floats *Do Not Expose To Water
  • Non-food safe scientific grade synthetic lunchmeat (Ham Scented)
  • Surplus Cell Phone Charms (1 count)
  • Large shipment of George Foreman Dakimakuras
  • Non-Descript Animals (Wet)

None of this should be an issue! You can pick up most of this stuff at the corner store anyway.

Hahahaha, Whoops! Looks like I won’t be needing those vacation days after all, free skydiving lessons! 🙂

Besides, you’ll do better next time! After tossing out all those burdens, you’re feeling so much better that you might even just skip your next therapist appointment. More free time to take on extra shifts and make up for all the lost cargo! If your performance keeps up, you might even get a promotion from the shipping company!

Here’s hoping!

Emily Rose is an indie developer who writes for rebind.io and resides in the pacific northwest. She’s often seen in the local VR arcade and developer community participating in pushing the medium’s horizons. You can find her on twitter @caravanmalice