This semi-famous still comes from the anime adaptation of Golden Boy, for reference.

As we all continue to decompress from GDC, be it attending or simply existing in the halo of its surrounding energy, join us as we look back on the week.

On Monday, our series on DROD: Deadly Rooms of Death reached its conclusion in Part 3. In case you missed the first two last week, here are Part 1 and Part 2. In an unambiguously proud moment, these appear to have received the blessing of Erik himself, seen here replying on the Press Clippings board of the Caravel Forums.

For its remainder, this has been a stellar Interview Week here at Rebind.

Tuesday saw a fireside chat with the prolific Heather Flowers, discussing her exciting gender-thrashing projects both past and present.

Wednesday’s interview with Ken George on The Technician was a long time coming. We got to explore his early-access VR hacking-under-pressure simulator combining circuit-bending and gunplay in something heretofore unseen.

Then we sat down with Rune Skovbo Johansen to discuss his upcoming Eye of the Temple, another innovative VR title, this one revolving around traversing the eponymous and immense temple full of tricky traps and puzzles, all while never leaving your physical boundaries.

Look forward to the trend of interviews continuing next week, along with plenty of exciting VR pieces as Monday will see a talk with naam (who prefers to be named in lowercase, for reference) as we discuss the VR diorama A Piece of the Universe.

Until then, we hope the weekend treats you kindly, and that Monday’s piece finds you well.

Yestin Harrison is a dilettante fascinated by anything from games to graphic design to planetary-scale distributed systems. When not performing his duties as webmaster at Rebind or kicking the site an occasional article, he's found anywhere there's a lark to chase. Reach him on the Web at, and on twitter @yestinharrison.