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RUST – by Facepunch Studios

RUST is a game that manages to continually evolve mechanically where others would simply settle for a new character or class. Every update continues to dream big and boldly go where few survival games have gone before, seemingly running uphill on its way to the summit of Immersive Sim mountain rather than settling for the comfortable plateau of competent PVP and crafting mechanics.

After receiving multiple updates adding vehicles like hot air balloons, boats, horses, and eventually a set of aircraft, the dev team has finally shifted into full gear with a modular car update now being roadtested on the staging branch. Where RUST was once a quirky Age Of Conan-meets-Fallout, it now seems dead set on pushing the pedal to the metal and achieving Mad Max-esque scenarios while leaving competitors like Fallout ’76 in the dust.

Did I mention this was only 40% of the map?

Facepunch has proven themselves to be one of the most innovative developer teams in the game with their continued loving iterations on the core formula of RUST. Everything that shows up from update to update is a little.. well, rusty, you don’t simply find or spawn a car then head off to Daytona for some improv NASCAR, rather every mechanical element of the game needs a little massaging and material investment to get its motor running. Just earlier, I found myself stalling out on a hill desperately trying to reach a safe zone for spare parts after gaining the ire of some roadside highwaymen eager to pilfer my shiny new junkster ratrod.

That’s kind of the magic of RUST, to foist you blindly into the most dangerous game where you must rely on your clever wits to trap, deceive, and sometimes even open friendly negotiations with other players in an emergent world of bafflingly in-depth micromanagement of mechanical elements. I mean, for goodness sakes, you can compost horse poop and sell it. It’s the kind of shooter that sounds like an MMORPG when you try to explain its gameplay to anyone, and that’s just the way we like it here at Castle RE:BIND. After all, who doesn’t like to ride a horrific cannibal horse through the radioactive wastes while you use your MIDI-controller supported tuba to blast out Sandstorm?

This is all slightly self-serving of course, we will be streaming the delightful salt-generating machine that is RUST two days a week every week from now on. Perhaps you should skidaddle and hit the subscribe button to see what horrors we get up to, or if you’d like to try out the new cars for yourself, make sure you follow the blog’s instructions on how to activate the special staging branch beta.

And until next time, stay RUSTY.

Emily Rose is an indie developer who writes for rebind.io and resides in the pacific northwest. She’s often seen in the local VR arcade and developer community participating in pushing the medium’s horizons. You can find her on twitter @caravanmalice