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  • David Will (@TheTrashbang) wrote a rather thoughtful piece on the state of online virtual spaces and how we informally share spaces historically. This is a topic we briefly touched on in our Sven Co-op anniversary retrospective, and it’s nice to see others reflect on this unique facet of gaming.
  • A new documentary on Operation Flashpoint was released this past week. While I never personally played the franchise, many of my early online gaming pals were deeply invested in it’s clever, expansive gameplay. You may know it’s successor.
  • I wanted to take a moment in the vein of our mod retrospectives here and appreciate the grand absurdity that was Japanese Half-Life 2 SMOD (warning: gore).  I personally spent many hours defeating metrocops armed with little more than soybeans. There was also SMOD: Tactical for the Brutal Doom fan in your life.
  • If you have a VR headset, I enthusiastically encourage you to spend a few minutes in Giphy’s Museum of GIFs. It isn’t the best VR experience around, but it’s definitely a fun and unique one.

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