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On this episode, we sit down with Kyle Kukshtel, developer of Cantata and host over at the SuperCulture network. We talk about what they’ve been up to, their pivot into game dev, time spent at Killscreen, the state of Games Journalism, and the language we use to critique work. We also talk about the legacy of film critique on games through the lens of Cahiers Du Cinema, Critical Code Studies, Goose Game, and Disco Elysium.

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(Content Warning: Detailed Discussions of Mental Health, Detailed Mentions of Alec Holowka’s passing, Crunch, Depression, Over-working)

It’s another podcast episode! Today, Emily sits down with Chris to talk about the somber topic of Mental Health, Toxic Masculinity from a men’s health perspective, and tragic events that have taken place in the public eye of the industry over the past few years.

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