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Inscryption (2021) – By Daniel Mullins Games

Last year we indulged in the macabre joy of Sacrifices Must Be Made, a rough gem prototype from Pony Island Creator Daniel Mullins that we came across while scouring game jam entries.

Part Darkest Dungeon, Part Hand Of Fate, the original prototype was built around a simple yet addicting head-to-head card battle game that I’ve been unable to satiate my cravings for outside of the deeply riveting Phantom Rose. This time however, Inscryption is going to have a lot more going for it than just the core formula, revisiting the concept with new features and a narrative driven focus.

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We’re not usually one to post much news on here but we couldn’t really hold back my excitement for another ACE Team announcement, this time bringing us threatening-alien-geometry simulation The Eternal Cylinder:

We are extremely proud to present one of our most ambitious projects ever: ‘The Eternal Cylinder’. A completely original take on the survival / adventure genre.

Sign up to be eligible for the upcoming closed Beta:— ACE Team (@theACETeam) August 15, 2019

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