Wots a

We’re a thinky collective of interdisciplinary artists, engineers, and designers. Coming from many different backgrounds, we decided to form at the nexus of our interests. To us, fills a cozy niche of PC gaming coverage (sometimes beyond) with analysis, retrospectives, and insight we’ve gleaned from our experiences as developers and enthusiasts.

We’re also really keen on VR, which is a challenge to write about to anyone who hasn’t *tried* it; we hope to change that.

Most importantly, we love independent developers. Indies help push the boundaries of the medium and set the tone, not only for fresh vision in PC gaming, but virtual reality and now consoles. We’d like to use our little soapbox to shine a spotlight on those bold talented individuals.

If you’d like to get in touch, ask us a question, stimulate our neurons or otherwise send us helpful tips about things outside of our purview: send us an email at

Twitter can be found at @rebind_io.


Mx Medea

Mx Medea is a style of art utilizing multiple forms of artistic media to create a coherent piece at the intersection of the multiple forms, a bad pun, and an artist, editor, and indie game dev. They grew up on various forms of games media most prominently including obscure 2000s indie games, non-localized JRPGs, and MUSHs/MUDs.

As a mixed media and performance artist with ties to the indie and circus arts communities they seek to explore video games as an artistic medium and provide analysis from their tongue in cheek perspective.

Emily Rose

I write and develop independent games, but it wasn’t always this way. I found myself as a wee lass growing up under a roof of LucasArts adventure titles, and homebrew Valve mods. Wading knee deep in the guts of video games is a lifestyle for me, and inevitable that I’d do it for a living.

Yestin Harrison

My relationship with games is as inevitable as that of any other technically-minded individual. The son of an artist and a programmer, it was only natural that I’d grow into the particular sort of self-absorbed aesthete that I did, enchanted with the minutiae of everything from user interfaces to fonts to sprites, joining game design club in high school and dabbling in music, graphics, code, or storyboarding as it suited my fancy. While I’m not much of a gamer in the traditional sense, there’s always something out there that captures my imagination.