Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for! The list of the contributors to the meditations project who reached out to us with their details. We encourage you wholeheartedly to give the list a thorough look, the developers here are doing fantastic work, and we think you’ll find more than one or two projects that’ll just brighten up your day!

Federico Fasce

Twitter:  @kurai


Bio:  Born in Genova in 1975 Federico has worked in and out the game industry since 1996. He sees himself as a game designer, though lately is questioning what games even mean, and he all in all doesn’t really care as long as people keep making cool things. He lives in London where he teaches game development and design at Goldsmiths. He recently worked at The Guardian as a creative technologist for virtual reality experiences. He’s constantly excited about something. Even before morning coffee.

Daniele (Demigiant) Giardini

Twitter:  @demigiant


Bio:  I make games (storytelling, game design, coding, art—music too but I’m currently meh), Unity assets, comics and interactive stuff. I like deranged perspectives. I don’t have a cat anymore.

Luis Díaz Peralta (Ludipe) 

Twitter:  @Ludipe


Bio:  Game designer obsessed with game jams. Worked on Missing Translation, an award-winning puzzle game free on Steam, and Bleep Bloop, a cute coop puzzle game for PC and Switch.

 Currently working on “A Place for the Unwilling”, open-world Lovecraftian narrative game, and Pokey Dokey Paradise, a crazy party game for 1-9 players. Also a Global Game Jam Regional Organizer. Fond of travelling and getting involved in communities.

Omar Shehata


Bio:  Omar is a graphics programmer at Cesium working on open source, web-based 3D maps. He deeply believes in the value of an open, accessible web. As a kid growing up in Alexandria, Egypt, websites like Newgrounds gave him a chance to collaborate with people from all over the world and reach audiences of millions with his Flash games. It didn’t matter how old you were, or where you’re from. Their motto was “Everything by Everyone”.

Darion McCoy

Twitter: @darionmccoy

Bio: artist and game designer living in Atlanta, GA.

Marc Loths

Twitter: @OldLoths


Bio:  I’m a gamedev/artist from New Zealand interested in the cross section between games and performance art and the space outside of good game design. I’m currently working on This, Too, Shall Pass, a terrible game about ecological collapse, which you can follow on Twitter as @afleetingworld and you can support it at

Owen Bell

Twitter: @OwenTheBell


Bertine Van Hövell


Alon “DancingEngie” Karmi 


Bio: Israeli game designer, video editor and nonsense creator. A bit too pretentious if you ask me.


Twitter: @Grhyll

Bio: Programmer at the Game Baker by day, and one-man-army at 3-50 by night.


Twitter: @SarahOnDesign


Bio: I make cozy and melancholy games, small game tools, and other interactive art things. I love tiny things of all varieties. I also run the Seattle Smol Games meetup!

Rick Hoppmann (tinyworlds)

Twitter: @tinyruin


Bio: I’m a 3D environment artist and game developer with a love for nature and cute stuff! My project for Meditations is about taking photos of a cute forest. It will be released in September 🙂

Alex Fortes

Twitter: @lxFortes


Bio: I’m a translator specialised in videogames and subtitles, used to work in office for AAA studios, now as a freelancer for indies. I’m also a generalist developer at Bit Byte Bear, a studio where we create games featuring adorable characters that face deep stories with dark undertones, following the tradition of the fables you grew up with. 

Tamara Duplantis

Twitter: @tambalaya


Bio: Tamara “Tammy” Duplantis is a Louisiana-born computational media artist, experimental musician, homebrew Game Boy developer, and teacher of the arts. Under the name Tambalaya, she often travels through the countryside making music out of glitchy Game Boy cartridges and hand-me-down toy Casios.

Damon L. Wakes


Bio: Author of Ten Little Astronauts, Face of Glass, Girth Loinhammer’s Most Exponential Adventure, and Lovely Pleasant Teatime Simulator. Also a whole bunch of strange small games, a series of tutorials on Twine for Beginners, and over 200 works of flash fiction.

Joe Bain

Twitter: @oh_cripes


Bio: An independent game developer based in Glasgow, UK. I like to make racing games, and other fast-paced 3D things.

Brenden Gibbons

Twitter: @BrendenGibbons


Bio: Brenden Gibbons is a freelance game & narrative designer who loves to make emotionally impactful work. He hopes you’re doing okay. 

Steven Zavala

Twitter: @flyover_games, @locallysrcdmi

Bio: I’m a mobile game developer by day, indie game developer by night and I’ll never be a big name in game dev because I don’t have any hot takes and I think every game that someone put legitimate effort into is worthwhile in some way. I’m currently working on WaveCrash!!, a puzzle brawler that is set to be the hypest indie multiplayer puzzle game around! I’m also a co-founder of the indie game collective Locally Sourced, devoted to creating a culture of making games in Michigan.

Gabriel Koenig

Twitter: @GhostTimeGames


Dante Douglas

Twitter: @videodante


Bio: Videodante is a writer and game designer.

Jonathan “Ellian” Rousseau

Twitter: @ThisIsEllian

Bio: Ellian is a french pixel artist and animator, who also make games on his spare time.

Quinn Crossley

Twitter: @_growly


Bio: Quinn is an award-winning game designer who crafts experiences for learning, healthcare, and social change. Over the course of their career, Quinn has released over 15 games for positive impact purposes including STEM education, dating violence awareness, and chemotherapy treatment. You can learn more about Quinn and their work at 

Lucas Gullbo

Twitter: @Noxlof, @SWMGames

Bio: Hey there!
My name is Lucas Gullbo (He/Him), I’m a Swedish based game developer making games under the name Noxlof ( and running a game studio called Something We Made ( I’m a bit goofy and a bit artistic.

Josh Jacobs

Twitter: @stumpheadjosh


Bio: I’m a solo-dev who likes making small video games! I’m currently working on a space shooter called Super Crome: Bullet Purgatory.

This is, of course, far from an exhaustive list, but we’re incredibly happy to feature such fantastic creators. If you’re a contributor to the project that we missed, or who simply wishes to be included in this list (regardless of whether or not your project has launched), please contact us at with your name, a bio, and any links you’d like featured.

If you’re not a contributor, then we sincerely hope that you found some developers and projects here that piqued your interest, and we’ll see you next time.

Mx. Medea is a writer, artist, and editor who spends most of their time drawing things with squares and buried under a small pile of endless paper copy. When not working they can be found playing everything from interesting indie fare to oldschool games. You can find them, their art, and their opinions @Mx_Medea on Twitter.